Resources for teachers


Resources for teachers

Videos and articles for you

To help with your understanding of data science

Here are a collection of videos and articles which we hope will help you to understand more about how data is influencing our lives. 

TED Talks

We’re All Data Scientists                                                                                        (16:23 min)

Interesting Articles

These articles should give you a great background understanding of how to communicate to children about data science. 

13 ways to explain big data to a five-year-old

The definitive definition of big data from the experts for the kids (and adults, too).

Can You Explain Your ‘Big Data’ Tech to Kids? Here’s Why You Should Try

We all know there is way too much jargon in tech. I make it my mission to fight it. It’s pervasive. Jargon, like a virus, multiplies.

6 ways in which big data is taking a bite out of the food industry

Big data takes a seat at the (dining) table.

Data for good: Wonderful ways data is making the world better

Big data and corporate social responsibility go hand in hand. Here are some ways organizations are using data and analytics tech for people and causes that need it the most.

Why Kids Need Data Literacy, and How You Can Teach It

Samantha Viotty’s activity for visualizing data networks has gummy bears representing people and toothpicks signifying their relationships.

Infographics for children: what they can learn from data visualisations

Graphics and visualisations give us a method to use images to describe a story in a way that we can understand. If children want to comprehend the world around them, infographics can do that, writes Simon Rogers

Teaching Data Visualization to Kids

Think of all the things you learned in elementary school: How to read. How to write. How to count. How to do add, subtract, multiply, and divide. These are all learned skills, things that we are not innately born knowing how to do.