KTP Associate: University of Glasgow & SVGC Ltd.


The University of Glasgow is in partnership with SVGC Ltd to use text analytics for identifying sensitive information within documents.


We are looking for someone with expert knowledge in text classification and other text analytics including search. The candidate’s work will be closely aligned to the commercial interests of the company and to the research interests of the University of Glasgow. They will work closely with the company’s engineering and management staff, taking a leading role in the delivery of a new product targeting the use case of SVGC’s public sector client(s). Team work and learning are two of the pillars for this position and for this reason, we are looking for individuals who are open-minded, inquisitive and have the desire to learn new skills.

The ideal candidate will have an postgraduate degree covering data science, text analytics, and/or NLP.


SVGC is a development and consultancy company whose services are increasingly in demand from government departments, commercial organisations and the nuclear sector. At the heart of our approach is an unparalleled understanding of our customers’ needs. Through our blended team of business, military and security experts, we seek to provide high-quality, rapid and cost-effective solutions.


The Information Retrieval (IR) group in the School of Computing Science was founded 32 years ago. As the most active Information Retrieval group by publications in Europe and one of the longest running, our research covers the full-spectrum of topics that are relevant to the development of IR systems. The Information Retrieval group embraced emerging machine learning and deep learning technologies for very large corpora and data streams, and have been at the forefront of research, development and application of those technologies for search and recommendation use-cases in a manner that ensures both effectiveness and efficiency.



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